Wild energy

6. srpna 2010 v 20:16 | AnnaWmCz |  Wild energy
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In the era of blind generations,
In cold hands of basic temptations,
Under pressure of fake sensations,
On the edge of stolen time

We have lost this feeling, of being free,
We are longing for the wild energy.
Your heart is the only guide light you need,
And it will tell you, how to live.

No you won't fall,
Cause you can fly,
If you go for my wild energy,
If you go for it,
If you go for it.
No you won't fall,
Don't even try,
When you go for my wild energy,
When you go for it,
When you go for it.

In the desert outside of nowhere,
On the street of broken dreams,
You are fighting over and over again,
But it seems that you're alone.

You're feeling so low, but you can't see,
You're tied to the cables of dark tranquility.
They ask me to save you, to take you Overground
To come here and tell you - don't be afraid of life.

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